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Yulander McTier

Founder of Power4AllWomen-Now "Empowering 4 All"- Yulander McTier, is a Woman who Has Endured Life's Challenges at their Best Starting from Childhood.  I was  Raised by a Father who "ABUSED" my  Mother CONSTANTLY. Not to Leave out Verbally ABUSED me as well. Being Subjected to Such an EXTREME environment Allowed BITTERNESS, ANGER, RESENTMENT, TRUSTING ISSUES with MEN, & DEPRESSION, to Overshadow my LIFE.    


Leaving Home at 17, the LAST 23 Year Walk of My Life has Allowed me to EXPERIENCE::--- ABANDONEMENT, BETRAYAL, DECEIT, FEAR,  BECOME  HOMELESS (during a period of time), HURT, LONELINESS, PAIN, SUICIDE Attempt,  EXPLOITING Myself, FAILED RELATIONSHIPS and MUCH MORE. Out of Everything the HARDEST Challenge was CONSTANTLY SMILING on the OUTSIDE but MISERABLE on the INSIDE and NO ONE TO TALK TO. It wasn't until a Few Years ago I DECIDED to Begin to HEAL MYSELF!!! I Realized that if I Didn't  take ACTION, My LIFE would NEVER MULTIPLY. It would only Continue to SUBTRACT.


Taking Action OVER MY LIFE and WINNING at It has allowed me to Discover the "PASSION" I have Always Had to Reach out and Help Other Women and Men Confront their Challenges.  Also Help them understand no MATTER what Life has presented to you, Issues that Overwhelm you, Men/Women who have Abused or Left you, CHOICES one has to Make about Things,  NOTHING is TOO GREAT that You CANNOT GET THROUGH and OVER IT!!

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